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19 August 2021

Sugar Free Summer Cocktail Recipes

Let’s be real—summer is all about the cocktails. Unfortunately, those fruity, boozy bevvies can trigger a serious case of FOMO for our sugar free peeps! Piña coladas and frozen margaritas are loaded with simple syrups, flavored liquor and refined sugar cane. While your girlfriends are swapping gossip over their fav sugary cocktails, you’re forced to sip on boring vodka and club soda. What’s a gal to do?

We’ll tell you what you can do—just make your own! You can adapt all your go-to cocktails by trading sugar for healthier, low carb options like clear liquors, citrus fruits, herbs and sparkling water. Low carb pals won’t miss traditional sugary summer drinks one bit once they realize the alternatives have virtually zero sugar and taste just as good.

Get ready to impress all your friends with these tasty, sugar free cocktails. They’re so irresistible, everyone will ditch their drinks for yours!

Choose Low Calorie Mix-Ins

Let’s start off with the basics. Before crafting your new go-to bevvy, you gotta know what your options are. Kick sugar to the curb and replace it with a sugar free sweetener. You can add this to virtually any cocktail to make them taste like the original recipe. We recommend liquid sweeteners, as the powdery stuff has a few more carbs.

A lemon wedge or spritz of lime juice is the quickest way to add a punch of flavor to healthy cocktails that are sort of “meh.” You can also experiment with passion or grapefruit, and people who are on a strict diet can get more zing by throwing in a splash of flavored sparkling water. Adding fruit to summer cocktails is easy peasy, lemon squeezy! (See what we did there?)

We obvs can’t forget about the booze! Go for clear liquors like vodka, gin and silver tequila. It’s hard to find alcohol that’s completely sugar and carb free, but these options are your best bet. Make sure they’re not flavored, too—that pineapple vodka might be calling your name, but it’s hiding a whole bunch of processed sugar!

If you’re looking to replace sugar, then spices and herbs are also the way to go. Diet soda is a reliable mixer for sugar free cocktails, but it gets old fast. Shake things up by muddling cardamom pods with your fruit juice and liquor of choice. This spice tastes great with turmeric and gin. And remember, mint goes with practically everything!

fruity alcohol

Your New Fav Cocktail Recipes

Here are some awesome cocktail ideas that taste great but keep the sugar to a minimum.

  • Our first pick is a fresh take on the classic daiquiri. This skinny cocktail only has three ingredients, making it a super-easy option for novice mixologists. All you need is white rum, some lime juice and your sugar free sweetener of choice—oh, and some ice (duh).
  • Next up on the list is a low sugar, low calorie version of the legendary long island iced tea. This drink is loaded with low calorie alcohol like white rum, gin, vodka, tequila and triple sec sweetened with agave nectar. Throw some diet soda and sweetener on top to make it look and taste like actual iced tea!
  • Let’s not forget about everyone’s best friend, the frozen marg. Traditional poolside margaritas are way too sugary and contain artificial simple syrups. Switch things up with orange zest, lime juice and your trusty sugar free sweetener. Garnish with a lemon wedge and salt, and you’ve got a round of low calorie cocktails even better than the original drink!
  • When people think of a piña colada, all that comes to mind is a truckload of processed sugar. Well, not anymore! Break out your blender and whip up a round of piña coladas that feature chilled coconut water and creamy, unsweetened coconut milk. Choose white rum, as this usually has less sugar and calories than the dark kinds. Add pineapple chunks for a hit of sweetness that’s good for your health.
  • Spend your summer days sipping a minty mojito. Similar to the daiquiri, this sugar free cocktail adds a few key ingredients like mint leaves and club soda. Simple, refreshing and low on calories, you can’t go wrong with a classic mojito.
low sugar alcohol
  • Are you a whiskey fan? Then we’ve got good news for you—the ever-popular whiskey sour is now almost sugar free! You’ll need some bourbon, lemon juice, bitters and sweetener. Blend in an egg white to make this drink smooth and creamy. Plus, the added protein will keep you full on a low carb diet.
  • Another favorite summer time treat is the mint julep. It combines the refreshing taste of a mint mojito with a good ole’ fashioned glass of whiskey. Mint juleps are easily adapted for sugar free peeps, swapping processed sugar with stevia and other sweeteners.
  • Speaking of vodka, you gotta try a sugar free Moscow mule. This drink is so easy to adapt, it was practically designed to be sugar free in the first place! The Moscow mule is also a simple, three-ingredient recipe that’s hard to screw up. Just throw in some diet ginger beer, top with lime juice and voila! You have a low carb cocktail that anyone will enjoy.
  • Round out the weekend with a Bloody Mary. Everyone loves this classic drink, but not everyone loves all the calories that are hiding in its salty, savory goodness. Extra sugars are hidden everywhere, even in the tomato juice! People who are on a strict diet can keep the original recipe more or less the same, except they’ll need a sugar free sweetener and just plain tomato juice, no added sugars necessary. After all, a Bloody Mary isn’t supposed to be sweet. The salt, pepper and hot sauce is what makes this bevvy unique.

You’ve probably noticed most of these sugar free cocktails have one thing in common: citrus and fruit. If you want something totally unexpected, spice up the usual vodka soda with a handful of berries. You can tailor this recipe to your own personal tastes, experimenting with fresh fruit like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries or whatever your heart desires. Fruits contain some natural sugars, but it’s healthier than the added artificial stuff!

Treat Yo’ Self with Boozy Boocha

Maybe mixology isn’t your calling. Even though most of these recipes are super easy, they require you to put in effort. Sometimes, you don’t want to put in effort on your summer vacay—you want to get (responsibly) drunk! Keeping a low sugar, low calorie diet is hard enough. Everyone deserves to crack open a cold one and not worry about counting the calories.

Boozy Boocha has just the thing. Our low sugar alcohol is like a summer cocktail conveniently packaged in a can for hassle-free partying. Hard kombucha is one of the only alternatives to beer, which is loaded with calories, no matter which brand you buy. Beer might taste good, but kombucha tastes good AND is packed with probiotics that offer many health benefits. Can beer do that? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

The yummy collection at Boozy Boocha is the closest you can get to a sugar free alcoholic beverage without having to play bartender in the kitchen. What little sugar our ‘booch has is nothing compared to the drink’s healthy buzz and signature tangy flavor. This low sugar, low calorie drink is a double win. Next time you want to unwind, don’t stress over making a cocktail and just grab a can of ‘booch!

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