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7 September 2021

Best Drinks for Picnics this Summer

Summer is here, and the drinks are aflowin’. The hot months leave us dreaming of faraway vaycays that involve lounging near infinity pools and sipping cocktails garnished with mint and lime. Or maybe you envision yourself overlooking the ocean with a piña colada in hand.

As nice as that all sounds, a good old fashioned picnic is just as fun (and a whole lot cheaper!) as booking a flight to some tropical destination. Summer picnics make the perfect staycation activity. All you need is a blanket, some food and a few close friends—oh, and summer drinks!

You don’t need to be in the Bahamas to enjoy a minty mojito! All your bar favorites are surprisingly easy to whip up at home. Below you’ll discover how to concoct bevvies on the go, including plenty of recipes for alcohol-free peeps. Fill up your cooler with these fruity picnic drinks!

fruity iced tea

Iced Teas

Sweet tea with a squeeze of lemon has long been a go-to for summer festivities. But why limit yourself to plain black tea? Put a refreshing spin on this traditional iced bevvy and brew a pot of peppermint tea. Pour it over muddled blueberries and sugar to give a drink that’s normally enjoyed in the wintertime a delish taste of summer. Transport the blueberry mint iced tea in spill-proof containers and keep chilled until ready to serve.

The next recipe is ridiculously easy. All you need are tea bags, a healthy dose of sugar and peaches! Heat chopped peaches and sugar over the stovetop until they transform into a yummy syrup. Brew your tea, then either combine with the syrup or keep them separate so guests can adjust to their preferred level of sweetness.

And OBVS this wouldn’t be a list of summer drinks if we didn’t include strawberries! If you’re packing a picnic, you’ve absolutely gotta try a glass of strawberry basil iced tea. Much like mint, basil is another herb that pairs nicely with picnic drinks. Boil sugar and basil in water to create a simple syrup, then remove the leaves. Combine with black tea and halved strawberries, package in cute mason jars and throw in some ice when you get to the picnic!

Fruit Punches

Impress guests with your mad concocting skills and bring a citrusy fruit punch to the picnic! Prep at home by freezing cranberries with water until solid. Slice a few orange and lime wedges and pack them into a container. Scoop the frozen cranberries into each glass, toss in some wedges and top with sparkling apple juice. This recipe needs very little assembly, making it great for picnics.

Want to add a little more kick to your punch? Pack a picnic-friendly beverage that features elderflower liqueur and a splash of vodka. Dissolve lemon juice and sugar, then combine with apple juice and the hard stuff in an easy-to-pour container. Top with sparkling water and your summer herbs of choice after arriving at the park.

summer cocktail


Everybody loves wine—and even if you don’t, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this sangria recipe! Sugar coat a couple of oranges, pear and berries and let them sit overnight. In a spill-proof jug, mix together the fruit, ice, brandy and a light red wine of your choice. Serve it to your friends, then pour a little bit of sparkling water into each glass.

The next summer cocktail features more strawberries! Prep this strawberry mojito at home by muddling strawberries, limes and sugar. Toss into the pitcher with some mint leaves and a generous pour of white rum. Add sparkling water once you get to the picnic for a refreshing summer bevvy!

If you’re a huge fan of rum, make it the star of the show in your new go-to picnic cocktail. You’ll only need three ingredients—cranberry juice, ginger ale and dark rum. Mix together at home, then pour over ice at the picnic. One sip will conjure visions of a tropical paradise, and you barely had to put in effort!

Fizzy Drinks

Tired of bringing a pack of soda to outdoor get-togethers? Go one step above the rest and whip up a batch of homemade ginger beer. This alcohol-free bevvy is great for everyone and beats store-bought fizzy drinks. Create a syrup by boiling ginger, lemon peels and sugar in water. Package the cooled syrup, then pour some into each glass, topping with soda water. Anyone who rolls up with this ginger beer in tow is sure to receive lots of compliments!

Blend cherries into your summer drinks for an extra-sweet treat. Stir together cherries, orange slices, fruit juice and sugar, then allow the mixture to soak overnight. Right before heading to the picnic, add ice and seltzer for a fizzy drink that’s ready to serve. This non-alcoholic bevvy is so tasty, adult guests might ditch the hard stuff for this colorful creation!

Hard Kombucha

While it’s fun to experiment with new recipes, sometimes you just want the instant gratification of cracking open a cold one. The hard kombucha collection from Boozy Boocha features ready-to-drink cocktails that bring a unique flavor to every picnic. Hard kombucha is a tasty way to introduce something new without the hours of prep work!

Boozy Boocha was made for the summer. Regular fizzy drinks and lots of flavored alcoholic beverages just taste like sugar, sugar and more sugar. Our hard kombucha has very little sugar but tastes just as good. With flavors like pineapple and mixed berry, everyone will be in a party mood when they grab a can of hard kombucha!

The tasty bevvies from Boozy Boocha roll convenience and originality all into a single can. They give guests a break from their usual go-to with the ease of portable, picnic-friendly packaging. Say goodbye to the bland taste of beer and hello to the magnificent world of ‘booch!

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