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22 September 2021

Why You Should Use Kombucha Post Workout

Picture this—you just completed a grueling workout sesh and need something to quench that thirst. You stand in front of the vending machines, pondering the rows of sugary sports drinks and caffeinated fizzy bevs. These products dominate the market and make people assume that artificial colours and energy crashes are their only options. But they’re not!

Another bevvy is on the rise, and that’s kombucha. When people think of post workout drinks, kombucha probably isn’t the first to come to mind. They usually drink kombucha as a tangy treat with dinner or a yummy pick-me-up that also promotes gut health. Kombucha is obvs delicious, but it ALSO provides all the benefits of a sports drink without the extra sugar and food colourings. (Seriously…some of those drinks look like radioactive household cleaners!)

Check out the many reasons why kombucha takes the cake for the best post workout drink. They’ll give you an excuse to enjoy your fav bevvy after a good sweat!

Replace Sugary Sports Drinks

The leading sports drink companies can’t fool us. We know that fluorescent pink and traffic cone orange aren’t colours that appear in nature! If the ingredients didn’t come from the ground, they shouldn’t go in your body after a workout! Kombucha brewers like Boozy Boocha craft natural energy drinks that prioritize taste over aesthetics. We don’t need to draw attention to our products with pretty colours—people love ‘booch because it tastes good!

What’s more, kombucha tastes good without all that added sugar. The average sports drink is packed with at least 30 grams of sugar. Kinda makes it difficult to go on a sugar-free diet, don’t you think?

Nobody wants an energy drink that will undo all the hard work they put into the gym. Kombucha is best enjoyed post workout because it provides a low-sugar energy boost that sustains your body much better than a sugar high ever could!

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Energize the Rest of Your Day

Most energy drinks on the market are a bit misleading. Sure, you might feel on top of the world for an hour or so, but the impending crash will make you feel anything but energetic! Kombucha naturally contains trace amounts of caffeine because it’s derived from green or black tea. These types of tea provide a gentler, more subtle energy boost than caffeine-packed sports drinks.

Really, you don’t need caffeine at all! Decaffeinated kombucha makes a great post workout drink, too. Unlike other fizzy bevvies, kombucha helps your body create its own energy. The fermented drink is loaded with B vitamins that boost mental and physical energy levels, helping you fight off fatigue and brain fog as you go about the rest of your day.

Kombucha also contains iron, a mineral that promotes oxygen circulation throughout the body. Proper oxygen supply is essential for staying alert, especially after a tough workout. Exercise increases your body’s demand for oxygen because every cell is working overtime. Give your body the fuel it needs post workout by grabbing a can of ‘booch!

Detox to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

If there’s one thing kombucha has that sports drinks don’t, it’s the power of the detox! People pursuing a weight loss journey should prioritize detoxification because eliminating unhealthy gunk from the body will actually make it easier to shed weight. Kombucha contains antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Since exercise puts stress on the body, antioxidants are ESSENTIAL post workout.

Kombucha can also detox the digestive system. The fermentation process creates a byproduct called glucuronic acid that attracts toxins like a magnet and helps them exit the body. Glucuronic acid moves waste quicker through the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn facilitates weight loss. Kombucha further aids gut health and weight loss by regulating the metabolism, especially if you drink it on a regular basis.

Combat Post Workout Soreness

Too many gym goers make the mistake of focusing solely on the muscles in their workout recovery routines. However, exercise is tough on the joints, too. It comes as no surprise that many athletes eventually develop irreversible joint damage late in their careers. Over a long period of time, repetitive motions break down the cartilage in the joints you use the most during exercise—OUCH! You might be able to manage the pain with medication and physical therapy, but joint damage is something that sticks around for the rest of your life.

If only there was a magical potion you could drink to protect the joints…oh wait, there is! Turns out, kombucha is an effective workout recovery drink that can keep your joints running like a well-oiled machine. The fermented bevvy sends an amino acid called glucosamine straight to your joints where it helps prevent further damage. Health providers even use glucosamine to treat arthritis, so imagine what it can do to up your game in the gym!

Kombucha is one of the few workout recovery options for vegans, too. Many brands of protein powder use animal-based collagen as the main ingredient. If you’re not into that chalky stuff, kombucha will help you build a vegan post workout routine!

Absorb More Nutrients from Your Diet

Kombucha fortifies the body with an impressive list of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. But this healthy bevvy can do SO much more than that! Kombucha can also help you make the most of other foods and beverages in your diet.

The drink is known for its billions of active probiotics that constantly work to balance the gut microbiome. Kombucha is loaded with good bacteria that ward off the bad while optimizing the digestive system.

A healthy digestive tract is necessary in order to absorb as many nutrients as possible from food. There’s little point to eating fruits and veggies if you’re having gut problems! Kombucha aids nutrient absorption by reducing gut inflammation so that vitamins and minerals are more easily transferred to the bloodstream. Proper nutrient levels will help you recover from an intense sweat, which makes kombucha an important part of post workout nutrition.

Hydrate and Replace Electrolytes

While choosing a post workout beverage, you have two options—a tasty drink that’s bad for you, and a tasty drink that’s good for you. The choice seems pretty obvious to us! Commercial sports drinks might quench your thirst, but kombucha hydrates while staying kind to your health. Given all the benefits mentioned above, kombucha is the one fizzy drink you can feel good about!

Maybe you buy sports drinks simply because they’re packed with electrolytes. Well, kombucha has electrolytes, too! ‘Booch enthusiasts are (understandably) so keyed in to the drink’s probiotic benefits that they don’t realize kombucha is also a suitable post workout drink for electrolyte replacement.

During the fermentation process, brewers often add sodium and potassium to protect the live bacterial cultures. As an added bonus, these electrolytes replace the ones that you lose through sweat. Sounds like kombucha is your new go-to sports bev!

FAQs About Kombucha Post Workout

Here’s a short and sweet explanation of why kombucha is better than any other sports drink out there.

You bet it does! Some will probably be shocked to hear this, especially since kombucha is known for its probiotic cultures more than anything else. Regardless, lots of ‘booch brews contain sodium and potassium, two key electrolytes lost during exercise.

Yep! Many people hitting the gym for the first time commonly believe the only way to hydrate post workout is with plain water or sugar loaded, artificially coloured sports drinks. But that’s not true at all! Kombucha has all the recovery benefits with none of the additives. In fact, kombucha is most refreshing right after a workout.

Kombucha is the most beneficial when you sip it right after a workout. It’ll help replenish electrolytes lost during exercise and hydrate your body. Plus, the drink contains antioxidants that combat increased oxidative stress during physical activity. The probiotics will also help you digest that post workout snack!

Whether you’re a beginner or professional athlete, everyone needs a post workout drink. Kombucha, in particular, is the ideal drink because it can rehydrate you and help you get all those electrolytes back in your system. Unlike other sports beverages, kombucha has an amino acid called glucosamine that protects joint cartilage from deterioration. Your body goes through a lot during exercise, so take care of it afterwards with kombucha!

A good post workout drink (such as kombucha) contains more than electrolytes. Look for beverages with iron and a full range of B vitamins so you can regain lost energy the natural way. Glucuronic acid will help your body expel toxins like free radicals and lose a little weight in the process. Know what a post workout drink should NOT contain? Excess sugar, tons of caffeine and artificial colours!

Reward Your Hard Work with Kombucha

You don’t have to save kombucha for your post workout ritual, either. Boozy Boocha crafts kombucha with an alcoholic kick so you can enjoy a tangy treat at the end of the day without completely undoing all the progress you made in the gym. Our ‘booch is a guilt-free bevvy that helps you get tipsy, even while sticking to your rigorous fitness routine. Cheers to that!

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