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13 October 2021

Shift Your Belly Fat with Kombucha — How It Works

We’ve all got reasons for wanting to trim down our waists. Maybe you’re looking to fit into an old pair of jeans that you found in the back of your closet. Or maybe you wanna score that rockin’ bikini bod just in time for hot girl summer! Others simply want to look and feel their best. Whatever the reason, weight loss usually comes with one caveat—going on a diet.

Not gonna lie, diets are kind of a bummer. You have to count every calorie you eat, so munching on a bag of crisps while you watch TV reruns is out of the question. But dieting doesn’t only apply to snacks and meals—all your fav bevvies are filled to the brim with calories, too! That means cutting back on alcohol and sugary, fizzy goodness.

Just kidding!

You can totally satisfy your sweet tooth and still get a flat tummy by replacing high-calorie fizzy drinks with kombucha tea (and a splash of vodka for some fun!). Weight loss is one of many kombucha health benefits that have given the fermented beverage its reputation as a remedy for all ailments. As if we need an excuse to drink ‘booch—the tangy tea tastes great all on its own!

Fat loss with kombucha might sound too good to be true. Well, we’re here to say you can have your cake and eat it, too (and by cake, we mean kombucha). Read on to learn the connection between kombucha and weight loss and our recs on how to serve it up.

berry kombucha

The science behind kombucha and weight loss

You might find it hard to believe that a tasty, fizzy drink like kombucha tea can help shave down belly fat. That’s why we’ve compiled scientifically-proven facts to explain why you don’t have to give up your fav bevvy. Here are the many ways kombucha helps you lose weight:

  • Kombucha speeds up the metabolism: One of the reasons people struggle to keep weight off is because their metabolism isn’t functioning at its best. A sluggish metabolism means your body can’t keep up with the number of calories it consumes every day. Kombucha can help regulate the metabolism, increasing the speed at which your body burns calories. This prevents carbs from getting stored in the form of belly fat. Metabolisms that run at a consistent rate use calories as they enter the body and limit how much belly fat you have to work off later!
  • You’ll stay motivated to work out: Speaking of metabolisms, a faster one can do more than burn calories. People with high metabolisms tend to have more energy, which makes it much easier to stick to a workout plan. Kombucha’s ability to regulate the metabolism will help you fight the urge to crash on the couch after a long work day. You might be surprised by how much energy you can get just from drinking ‘booch, even after that afternoon coffee has worn off!
  • Protect the liver with antioxidants: Kombucha is packed with yummy antioxidants that fight free radicals and other toxins in the body. Antioxidants take a load off your liver so it has a lower volume of harmful substances to process. You’re probably wondering what the liver has to do with weight loss…It all comes back to your metabolism! A healthy liver supports the metabolism, which in turn helps your body efficiently process calories and cut back on the belly fat.
kombucha tea
  • Kombucha stabilizes blood sugar levels: In addition to aiding the metabolism, kombucha can also keep your blood sugar at a healthy level. Low blood sugar results from skipping meals, which happens sometimes when a person tries to lose weight. Drastically reducing caloric intake can set your weight loss goal back because low blood sugar leads to cravings for junk food. When you drink kombucha every morning, your blood sugar will be more stable throughout the day and stave off sugary cravings.
  • Kombucha is low in sugar and calories: Unlike other fizzy bevs, kombucha is a tasty treat you can feel good about. The drink contains very little sugar because yeast and bacteria eat it up during the fermentation process. The longer ‘booch is brewed, the less sugar it will have. Plus, the average can of kombucha only has 30 calories. That makes ‘booch a double win for weight loss and your taste buds!
  • Kombucha makes you feel full: This fizzy bev will make it a lot easier to shrink portion sizes and restrict your daily caloric intake. Kombucha ingredients like phenolic and polyphenolic compounds create a feeling of fullness so you’re less likely to overeat. Another element that’ll fill you up is the carbonated bubbles that naturally occur during the fermentation process. Forget about boring old water before meals and indulge your taste buds in a can of ‘booch instead!
  • Stay positive about your weight loss journey: The probiotic drink is known to support digestive health by populating the gut microbiome with good bacteria. Since the gut and brain are closely connected to each other, a healthy digestive system can boost your mood and overall mental health. A person who’s happy is more likely to have a positive outlook and work towards their weight loss goal. When enjoyed on a regular basis, kombucha tea can help give yourself the pep talk you’ve needed all along!

When and how to drink kombucha tea

Normally we’d encourage ‘booch enthusiasts to enjoy the bevvy however they want. But those using kombucha for weight loss have to strategically plan how much ‘booch they drink and what time of day in order to see maximum results.

Follow our recommendations to make the most of kombucha’s fat trimming benefits:

  • Drink a cup before meals: Kombucha is best served right before a meal because the carbonation and phenolic compounds will help you fill up faster. These properties of kombucha control portion sizes and stop you from overeating. The recommended serving is 12 ounces per day, which splits nicely into four-ounce cups for each meal (don’t skip breakfast!).
  • ‘Booch pros should start the day with it: If you’re new to kombucha, drink it during or after breakfast. All those probiotics on an empty stomach can actually make digestive problems worse. Once you’re used to drinking it every day, a four-ounce cup before breakfast is the right way to go. Since there’s no food in your digestive tract yet, the gut is able to absorb the maximum amount of probiotics. Drinking kombucha tea before breakfast allows the probiotics to get processed a lot faster and make better use of their weight loss properties.
  • Use kombucha as a pre-workout drink: As you’ve learned by now, kombucha can boost your energy levels by regulating the metabolism. Drinking it 30 minutes before a workout will wake up your body the natural way so you don’t have to rely on coffee or sugary energy drinks. Kombucha can help you get through a tough workout and avoid the impending caffeine crash afterwards.
  • Choose kombucha made from green tea: Every type of kombucha is great for trimming belly fat, but you’ll get the most benefits with ‘booch derived from green tea leaves. Green tea has way more antioxidants than black tea, which will help speed up the metabolism. We recommend natural fruit flavours that pair nicely with green tea such as our blueberry probiotic drink!
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with flavours: It’s tough giving up sugary bevvies. Smooth the transition to ‘booch by mixing in some low-sugar ingredients like freshly chopped fruit, herbs and spices. Looking for new ways to kick your kombucha up a notch? Try a pineapple probiotic drink from the Boozy Boocha shop. You’ll get all the flavour with fewer calories!

FAQs about ‘booch and belly fat

We’ve got everything you need to know about kombucha weight loss right here.

It sure does! Kombucha is a low-sugar, low-calorie drink that stimulates the metabolism and gives you the energy to power through a workout. Carbonation and phenolic compounds create a feeling of fullness that’ll help reduce your caloric intake. The drink also stabilizes your blood sugar levels so you won’t get the urge to snack on sugary junk food. Combined, these things bust belly fat and aid you on your weight loss journey.

Trim it up, of course! Kombucha helps people score that flat tummy by limiting your caloric needs and motivating you to burn fat with strenuous exercise. Besides losing weight, kombucha promotes your health from the inside out. A can of ‘booch supports healthy digestion by populating the gut microbiome with billions of probiotics. The drink won’t just make you look good—you’ll feel good, too!

Kombucha works best when split into four-ounce cups and enjoyed before each meal. You could also drink it 30 minutes before a workout to get some extra pep in your step. To help you ditch unhealthy bevvies, try out different kombucha flavours until you find one that’s even better than fizzy drinks!

It depends on the person. Everyone’s metabolisms function at a different rate, and we all practice various levels of physical activity. If you commit to drinking kombucha every day, you might begin to see results within a matter of weeks. Just remember to pair kombucha with a healthy diet and exercise!

Get buzzed and lose weight with Boozy Boocha

Weight loss often means missing out on beer and sugary cocktails. All those extra calories are bound to set you back from your flat stomach goal. But not with Boozy Boocha!

Our hard kombucha makes it possible to splurge on a Saturday night while working toward a killer bod. Plus, the kombucha flavours we offer are just as—if not MORE—tasty than your go-to cocktail. A can of Boozy Boocha proves you really can have it all!

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