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24 November 2020

Make the COOLEST Treat with Our Cheeky Pineapple Boozy Boocha

Remember the frozen and delicious artificially neon towers of colored sugar water from our childhood? Seriously, frozen lollies were the best thing on a hot day, so we’ve recreated this cool treat with a healthier, naughtier spin. With zero refined sugars, no artificial flavours, and ABV content of 4%, you can make yourself a Cheeky, Chilly Treatski with our Cheeky Pineapple Boozy Boocha.

Because alcohol has a lower freezing point than regular ingredients, you would usually have to harness your inner Marie Curie or Louis Pasteur and make sure that you had the proper vodka-to-mixer solution (1:4 oz) when making alcoholic lollipops. Fortunately for you, our Kombucha with a Kick is ripe for pouring into a lolly mold, placing in the freezer, and pulling out when you want a cheeky treat!

If you would like to class it up while simultaneously increasing the antioxidant abundance, then we recommend adding some pineapple chunks into the mold. This will enhance the natural tropical flavour of our Boozy Boocha and make it more aesthetically pleasing and appetizing. Double-win!

Pro-tip: It doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy these alchy lollies. Keep them in the freezer for a night by the fireplace, an outdoor soiree, or a fun cocktail hour treat.

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