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17 March 2021

Is Hard Kombucha Healthier than Other Alcoholic Beverages?

When you’re itching for a buzz, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. Beer, wine, spritzers, hard liquor—the list goes on…But if you’re looking from an alchy bevvy that doesn’t make you feel awful in the morning, your options get a LOT slimmer. So, would you believe us if we told you there’s an alcoholic beverage that lets you have fun while helping you feel GREAT?

We aren’t lying! Alcoholic kombucha is a bubbly, boozy bevvy that’s a healthier pick than other drinks. Thanks to all of kombucha’s benefits, hard kombucha trumps other beverages for a breadth of reasons, meaning there’s a benefit for almost everyone. If you’re tired of feeling low-energy, crummy or bloated after boozing up, check out why kombucha drinks are our top pick.

What is Hard Kombucha?

Haven’t heard of the brilliance that is boozified kombucha? Here’s the scoop.

Kombucha is a type of fermented tea that originated over 2,000 years ago. Once coined the “elixir of life,” kombucha has some sweet health benefits thanks to what it’s made of. To make kombucha, you need just a few important ingredients: green or black tea, sugar, yeast and bacteria.

Those last two ingredients are where kombucha is really kombuch-ified. A SCOBY (AKA a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is added to the sugar and tea and allowed to sit for a few days. The sugar feeds the bacteria, which ferments the beverage, making it fizzy—how fun! But more importantly, this process is what gives kombucha many of its bountiful benefits, like probiotics (or healthy bacteria) and organic acids.

Hard kombucha is essentially regular kombucha with an extra twist! The most natural way to make kombucha alcohol is to add more sugar and yeast and let the drink ferment for much longer. However, kombucha in its sweeter form can also be mixed with harder liquors like vodka (which is what we do at Boozy Boocha!). The result is a sweet, tangy, fizzy and FABULOUS beverage that is loaded with health benefits on top of its kick.

Here’s a quick rundown on what you need to know about hard kombucha.

Thanks to the fermentation process that gives kombucha its fizz, the drink naturally contains a tiny amount of alcohol—but this comes out to less than 0.5% ABV. Certainly not enough to get you rip-roaring at the pub! Kombucha can be made into an alcoholic drink by fermenting it longer. This can raise the alcohol content to between 4.5% and 7%! Or, kombucha can serve as a type of mixer when it’s added to other types of alcohol.

Naturally, kombucha contains ethanol alcohol (but only a tiny amount!). Home brewers can increase the amount of ethanol in their ‘booch by allowing the beverage to ferment longer and upping the sugar and yeast. In the case of Boozy Boocha—the premier alcoholic kombucha beverage—we add vodka to our ‘booch to create a delish drink! This allows us to retain the sweet taste of kombucha and mix it with other fruity flavours while still delivering a twisted type of tea! Each can of Boozy Boocha contains 4% ABV, which is a similar amount of alcohol to your average beer.

Heck yeah it is! Kombucha benefits are absolutely abundant, from gut-restoring probiotics, to free-radical-fighting antioxidants, to beauty-boosting B vitamins. Drinking kombucha gives your body the ingredients for total-body health.

All the nutrients and potential kombucha health benefits that are available in standard, non-alcoholic kombucha don’t just disappear when alcohol is added! This means hard kombucha is a healthier alternative to other alcoholic bevvies that DO NOT have all these things.

Kombucha has a breadth of vitamins, acids and other goodies that are awesome for your health, and beer does not. So, it’s safe to say that kombucha is healthier than beer! Plus, hard kombucha is a completely gluten-free alcohol, which is not the case with beer! All our friends with gluten intolerances or allergies, get ready to get your booze on!

How Hard Kombucha Shapes Up Against Other Alcohols

So, we’ve established that kombucha is chock-full of health benefits, but you might still be wondering why you should ditch your go-to alchy bevvy in favor of some ‘booch. On the most basic level, hard kombucha is healthier because it’s loaded with the good stuff—most of which just isn’t present in your average beer or mixed drink.

However, there are a few highlights of hard kombucha that give it an extra health kick!

Low in calories

Alcoholic drinks are often referred to as having “empty calories” because they don’t offer substantial amounts of macronutrients. If you’re watching your weight or just trying to be conscious of how many empty calories you’re drinking, hard kombucha should ABSOLUTELY be on your radar.

Boozy kombucha is a low-calorie alcohol option compared to most other drinks. For example, each can of Boozy Boocha only contains 92 calories! Compare this to your average beer, which contains 153 calories per serving, or sangria, which averages about 240 calories per glass! When you’re looking to let loose, all those calories add up with every drink—so why WOULDN’T you opt for a bevvy that’s low-cal but just as delish? DUH!

Low in sugar

If your go-to libation is a margarita or a mixed drink with juices or soft drinks, you’re getting a TON of sugar alongside your alcohol. Even after two drinks, the amount of artificial sugar you’ve ingested will probably be enough to make you feel sick and take a hit on your health.

One of hard kombucha’s many positives is that it’s low in sugar compared to other sweet drinks. Sugar is added to the tea when it’s first fermented, but most of it is processed by the bacteria, meaning there isn’t a ton left once fermentation is complete. Some products contain more sugar to make all those fun kombucha flavours. But compared to rum and Cokes or daquiris, you’re ingesting a lot less sugar when you turn to ‘booch.

Gluten-free alcohol

In terms of calories, alcohol content and overall drinking experience, hard kombucha is most comparable to beer. However, alcoholic kombucha has a HUGE leg up over beer because it doesn’t contain any wheat or barley. This makes it an awesome pick for gluten-free alcohol.

Why does this matter? First, gluten-free alcohol is a MUST for people with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivities, so your gut doesn’t start a riot after drinking. But you don’t have to have a major gluten reaction to benefit! Gluten can make some peeps feel bloated and gross (even if they loooooove bread). A gluten-free bevvy like Boozy Boocha reduces the icky feelings so you can imbibe without irritation.

Contains probiotics

One of kombucha’s biggest selling points is its probiotics—beneficial bacteria that keep your gut in good shape. Beyond helping with digestion, probiotics do a TON of good for your health, like bolstering your immune system, clearing your skin, reducing inflammation, improving mental health and helping you sleep better!

These probiotics are present thanks to the SCOBY and fermentation process. What’s even better is that experts believe that probiotics can survive in drinks with lower alcohol content—like Boozy Boocha’s—so this probiotic drink should still offer those happy-gut benefits, with or without the booze!

Has a range of nutrients

When’s the last time you examined the nutritional value of your alcoholic drinks? When it comes to most popular bevvies, you needn’t bother—the nutrients are slim to none! This isn’t the case with hard kombucha, though.

Kombucha naturally contains a range of nutrients thanks to its base ingredient, tea. The drink is rich with B vitamins—specifically vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12—as well as antioxidants like vitamin C and polyphenols. All of these goodies are great for your immune system, nervous system and even your skin health! So, when you’re selecting your libations, why would you NOT pick the one that’s yummy and good for you?!

Enjoy your night and the morning after

There’s no reason you can’t let loose, enjoy a few drinks and still feel great in the morning. It all comes down to what bevvies you imbibe!

When you really take a look at all that hard kombucha has to offer, there’s no question that it’s got more nutritional benefits and less of the “bad stuff” than other alcoholic drinks do. So, get ready to get rowdy with Boozy Boocha—the premier hard kombucha for healthy hedonists! Order kombucha online and start the par-tay!

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