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26 February 2021

Can Kombucha Help Your Skin?

Kombucha has not been touted throughout its 2,000-year-long history as the “elixir of life” for nothing. This sweet and tangy bevvy contains a host of vitamins and nutrients that can give your health a boost and make you feel great day after day. But beyond helping your internal organs stay optimally operational, kombucha’s benefits also extend out to your largest organ: your skin!

Thanks to the awesome combo of nutrients and beneficial bacteria found in this fizzy, fermented drink, sipping on kombucha can actually improve your skin and give you a radiant, youthful glow. Here’s the tea you need on kombucha skin care.

Skincare Benefits of Kombucha, Say Whaaat?

Kombucha might just seem like the latest health fad, but it is SO much more than that! It’s a truly healthy beverage that’s jam-packed with compounds that are good for your body.

Because kombucha’s base ingredient is tea (usually black or green), it contains nutritious goodies like powerful antioxidants, vitamin C and B vitamins. The fermentation process only sweetens the deal, introducing organic acids and happy lil’ bacteria called probiotics that keep your gut in great shape. At the end of the day, this low-sugar probiotic drink delivers what your body craves!

Not only is all of this great for your immune system, digestive system and mental health, it’s also great for your skin. The potential skincare benefits of kombucha are vast! On top of preventing and eliminating acne (which is the first step to better skin), kombucha’s nutrients have anti-aging and skin rejuvenation properties. Experts believe this combo can hydrate and plump your skin, improve skin texture and clarity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and brighten the skin so you can GLOW, baby, GLOW!

The best part? You can get these benefits just by drinking kombucha like you normally would! Kombucha can certainly be incorporated into skincare products (like facial washes and masks), but it’s also effective at making your skin shine from the inside out.

Antioxidants: Skin Superheroes

One of the (many) reasons that kombucha health benefits are so numerous is because of its plentiful antioxidants. Vitamin C and special polyphenols are abundant in booch, and these are some of the BEST things you can give your skin.

The reason you’ll find antioxidants in all kinds of skincare products and healthy bevs is because they act like microscopic superheroes, fighting off dangerous little beasts called free radicals to keep your cells happy and healthy. Free radicals cause cellular damage, and their numbers increase as you age. When skin cells deteriorate, your skin starts to lose elasticity and ages prematurely! ACK!

By introducing antioxidants to your daily diet and your skincare routine, you’ll help keep your skin firm, supple and smooth. Bonus: Antioxidants can also improve skin tone and combat dullness for even more radiance!

Beauty Vitamins Galore

Next on the list of kombucha benefits is its abundance of B vitamins. The vitamin B complex works together to process energy and keep your nervous system in good shape, but it also plays an important role in cell growth and rejuvenation—something SUPER-DUPER important for your skin.

Your skin cells are constantly regenerating, which helps keep your face looking youthful and glowy. Without enough vitamin B, your skin might start to suffer from dryness, rashes, wrinkles and acne. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t store B vitamins very well, which means we constantly need to be replenishing them through food, supplements or delish drinks like kombucha!

Out of the eight B vitamins in the complex, kombucha tends to contain the most of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12—each of which has its own awesome skin benefits.

Vitamin B1 is known to improve the appearance of fine lines in the skin and reduce dryness. This can help you stave off the effects of premature aging, especially if your skin is stressed!

Vitamin B2 aids in cell turnover and collagen maintenance, which keeps your skin supple and bouncy. It also ensures your skin doesn’t get too dry, so you don’t have to deal with icky flakiness. Additionally, it can improve the tone of your skin, giving you the ultimate radiance to envy the sun!

Vitamin B6 is good for defending your skin against acne. It does so by reducing inflammation and managing hormonal imbalances that stress the skin and cause massive pimples. Gross!

Last but certainly not least, vitamin B12 is also great for combatting dryness and promoting cell regeneration and pigmentation. This means it’s awesome for reducing the appearance of dark spots and areas with uneven skin tone. Get that smooth, sexy look all around, BB!

In short, the “B” in B vitamins stands for “beauty”—no beer goggles needed!

Probiotics Are Beauty Pros

On top of all that goodness, probiotics also lend a hand in giving your skin a natural, healthy glow. Basically, probiotics are friendly bacteria that are mostly found in your gut but also live in other places like your skin. They help keep your body balanced by fighting off harmful bacteria and strengthening your cells.

There are a ton of benefits of probiotic drinks when it comes to kicking acne to the curb. This alone helps keep your face clear and bright. But what’s more, probiotics help restore your natural skin barrier—an invisible shield that protects your skin from stress and damage. This barrier helps your skin retain moisture, so it’s not sucked dry as the desert. It also makes it more resistant to damage from environmental stressors and can even fight against UV damage (but don’t forget to apply sunscreen anyway!).

The result? Smooth, hydrated and undamaged skin that’s resistant to irritation and zits. Booyah!!

Kombucha Benefits FAQs

Still not sure about whether kombucha can really help your skin? Check out these commonly asked kombucha Qs to put your mind at ease.

Kombucha is totally safe to drink, and you can even use it in a bunch of other ways! Unless you’re allergic to certain teas or flavours, there’s nothing in kombucha that should harm you. Just be careful to not drink too much if you suffer from digestive problems, so you avoid tummy troubles!

The results kombucha produces will be a little different for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! Kombucha’s combination of vitamins, acids and probiotics are good for you no matter what and are sure to provide some benefits to your total-body health. That said, kombucha shouldn’t be used alone, but rather as part of a comprehensive wellness effort alongside healthy foods and lifestyle choices!

Armed with antioxidant and beauty-vitamin power, kombucha is totally capable of making you RADIATE! It does this by helping your skin cells regenerate quickly, reducing skin dullness, eliminating dark spots and keeping you hydrated. Skip the highlighter—this glimmer and glow is all natural!

A kombucha drink a day keeps the dermatologist away! Or, at least, it should, thanks to its widespread skin benefits. Almost everything in kombucha is great for your skin, from the polyphenols and B vitamins to the probiotics. Together, these powerhouse compounds create the perfect environment for healthy, happy skin.

Kombucha can even help clear away acne! Probiotics are the heavy lifters in the fight against pimples and zits by reducing inflammation, stopping harmful bacteria from overgrowing and limiting your stress-induced breakouts. Plus, B vitamins help skin cells regenerate, which can remove acne scars and dark spots over time.

Aging skin? Never heard of her! Kombucha skin care prevents and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so your beautiful face maintains its bright, youthful look. Antioxidants and B vitamins are both responsible for keeping collagen production and cell rejuvenation kickin’! Just look at the founders’ pictures if you need further proof!

Sip and Shine with Boozy Boocha

When you look good, you feel good. Trust us when we say kombucha is as close to a miracle drink as you can get when it comes to body, brain and beauty benefits!

But you know what’s even better? Booch…with a kick! Kombucha can be mixed with alcohol for the ultimate fizzy, flavourful, fun-loving bevvy with bountiful benefits! You can make your own boozy booch at home, or you could save time and buy kombucha online and get healthy, delicious drinks delivered right to your door!

At Boozy Boocha, we’ve put on our expert mixologist hats to create a premier alcoholic kombucha beverage that’s low in sugar, low in calories (only 92 calories per can!) and abundant in flavour and healthy goodies. After all, who says you can’t have great skin AND a ton of fun with some boozed-up bevvies? Bottoms up, beautiful!

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