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29 January 2021

Can Drinking Kombucha Help with Acne?

If you’ve recently found a cluster of blackheads or a pimple that rivals Mount Vesuvius on your face, you know what we mean when we say adult acne is the WORST. After all, weren’t we supposed to grow out of this in our teens?! You might have shelves of skincare products to combat those zits and spots, but don’t you wish there was some miracle drink that could make your acne disappear?

What if we told you this type of thing exists…and it not only makes you look good but feel good, too? Kombucha—that sweet and tangy health drink people have been raving about—contains the perfect combination of nutrients and other goodies to help clear your skin and let your natural glow shine. Sound too good to be true? Here are the deets for those magical kombucha skin benefits.

You are what you drink

A huge part of skincare is not about what you put on your face—it’s about what you put in your body! Drinking plenty of water and getting vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet are two of the most important pillars of maintaining that gorgeous temple of yours. If you’re missing some major nutrients or, worse, you’re indulging in a lot of sugary, processed foods and drinks, your skin very well may start to suffer.

This is why kombucha is an indomitable fighter in the battle against acne! Kombucha tea is loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C and a host of B vitamins, on top of being low in sugar. This makes it a healthier option compared to juice, soft drinks and other sugar-filled bevvies that might contribute to acne flare-ups. If you’re bingeing on booch, you’re automatically making a healthier choice! Boo-yah!

The Power of Probiotics and Kombucha for Acne

On top of all that, kombucha also contains healthy bacteria known as probiotics. A “mother” culture called the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts (or SCOBY) is combined with sugar and tea to ferment kombucha. During this process, the kombucha becomes infused with live bacteria…but don’t freak out! These good bacteria are similar to ones that already live all around your body.

You probably don’t think about your colon very often, but it turns out that there a million reasons why you should! Your gut is host to a massive microbiome of bacteria. These microscopic worker bees help break down food and keep harmful bacteria in check. The entire system is oh-so-delicately balanced, and it doesn’t take much to throw the whole thing out of whack.

Unfortunately, imbalances in your gut do much more than lead to tummy troubles. Research has linked digestive health to loads of other health problems, including reduced immunity, chronic inflammation and—you guessed it—skin issues.

By drinking kombucha, you’re adding more happy little bacteria to your digestive system that can go to work healing your skin from the inside out. The kombucha benefits just keep on coming!

Probiotics are believed to help banish blemishes in a few cool ways:

  • Reduce inflammation: Probiotics reduce internal and external inflammation by keeping your immune system healthy and reducing the number of inflammatory cells buzzing around. This means they might help make that angry red zit look a lot less furious and inflamed!
  • Improve skin barrier function: Friendly bacteria help restore and strengthen your skin barrier. This basically means that the cells of your skin are stronger and healthier and let less of the bad stuff in, so it doesn’t settle and cause massive breakouts. When your skin barrier is damaged, your face might feel dry and irritated. When it’s healthy and intact, your skin will feel smooth, plump and blemish-free.
  • Kick harmful bacteria to the curb: Probiotics put a stop to the growth of harmful bacteria, which is exactly what’s happening on your face when you break out. After donning their superhero capes, these bacteria strengthen your intestinal walls, preventing what’s known as “leaky gut” (eww!!). This stops nasties from getting into your bloodstream and doing all sorts of bad stuff to your body and skin.
  • Helps manage stress: Gut health and mental health are also closely related! Probiotics reduces stress, which is one of the biggest triggers for adult acne breakouts. When your levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) get too high, inflammation, excess sebum production and resultant pimples are sure to follow. But, when you’re eating healthy foods, and your gut microbiome is happy and healthy, you’re bound to feel happy and healthy too. Essentially, drink some booch, stay zen, and look fresh.

B is for “Beauty Vitamins”

There’s more than probiotics in kombucha, too. Aside from all of its probiotic drink benefits, kombucha also contains a host of vitamins, many of which are part of the vitamin B complex.

B vitamins are true powerhouse vitamins for your body. The different B vitamins turn food into energy, regulate your metabolism and keep your nervous system working. But wait, there’s more! B vitamins are also known as “beauty vitamins” because they are freakin’ AWESOME for cell growth and development. This helps keeps cells that are constantly regenerating healthy, like your hair, nails and skin.

Sadly your body isn’t all that great at storing B vitamins, so you need to get enough every day to keep things chuggin’ along. Without enough vitamin B, you are more likely to suffer some serious skin issues, including dryness, wrinkles and acne! ACK!

Kombucha is rich in B vitamins—specifically vitamin B1, B6 and B12. Together, these vitamins help reduce bodily inflammation, lower your stress levels and counteract breakouts, leaving you with healthy, smooth and “B”-eautiful skin.

You’ve Got Qs, We’ve Got As

We get it—you need answers to your skin problems STAT. Here are some of the most common questions about kombucha skin benefits.

Kombucha and healthy skin go hand in hand! By helping to heal your gut and infuse your body with feel-good nutrients, kombucha can help clear up acne, hydrate your skin, reduce signs of aging and give you a natural glow.

There are many types of probiotics, and various strains will be present in different supplements, food and drinks. All of these contribute to a healthy gut microbiome in their own way! However, strains of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, specifically, have been linked to inflammation reduction throughout the body and are the two best types of probiotics for acne that we know of (so far!). Fortunately, these are found in kombucha, YAY!

Get ready to radiate! Kombucha’s skin benefits aren’t just good for those plagued by acne. Thanks to the bevvy’s bountiful B vitamins, kombucha can perk up your skin cells and make them look and feel healthier, giving you a glow that rivals the sun!

There’s no evidence that kombucha will cause skin problems. However, it is important to be mindful of the ingredients in any product you drink. Excess sugars might make zits more likely. But, if you choose a low-sugar probiotic drink, you’ll minimize those risks and counteract skin problems with all the awesome benefits kombucha has to offer…not mention the great taste!

Heck no! While some people experience tummy troubles after taking probiotics, there’s no evidence that probiotics will make any skin problem, including acne, worse. It’s way more likely that probiotics will help balance out your system and promote total-body health inside and out. #winning!

Booze Up While You Beautify

So, you’ve gotten the lowdown on kombucha’s skin-clearing magic. Now get ready for… (are you drum rolling? You should be!) Boozy Boocha – alcoholic kombucha!

That’s right! Kombucha naturally contains a teensy-tiny amount of alcohol thanks to the fermentation process, but it can be taken to the next level by giving it a kick.

Boozy Boocha, the premier boozy kombucha drink, blends the health and skin benefits of kombucha with the fun of an alcoholic bevvy to create the most epic fizzy drink you can think of. Our drinks come in delicious fruity flavours and are low in sugar, which helps minimize your risk for sugar-induced breakouts. Plus, they’re low in calories, with only 92 calories per can!

Sipping on our libations helps you get the probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants of your fav “elixir of life” while letting your hair down. Drink up, let loose, feel good and look great!

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