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1 January 2021

Boozy Kombucha, A Healthy Buzz?

You’ve probably seen kombucha bottles lining the shelves of your health foods store, but did you know that kombucha drinks can be served with a punch, twist and a kick? Boozy kombucha is a bubbly, brilliant way to get your buzz on with some extra health benefits!

Thanks to a little experimentation, this 2,000-year-old “elixir of life” was transformed into a low-calorie alcohol option (with only 92 calories per can!) that’s the perfect pick for the health-conscious drinker. Whether you’re cracking open a can at a picnic or doling them out at a hen-do, kombucha alcohol gives you a lively kick without kicking your health later on.

So, is Boozy Boocha your answer to a healthy buzz? We give a resounding YES! Here’s why.

What is Kombucha, Anyway?

Kombucha has become a lot more mainstream in recent years, but few actually know what’s in it or what it does. Kombucha is a type of fermented sweet and sour tea made from just a few key ingredients: green or black tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast.

We know what you’re thinking. Bacteria—what!?

The bacteria and yeast in kombucha are combined to create a culture called the “mother,” or the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (AKA, SCOBY). This combo breeds probiotics, which are healthy bacteria similar to those that work to digest food in your gut. It’s the same type of culture that turns milk into delicious yogurt or cabbage into kimchi.

Even though the SCOBY sounds a little yuck, it’s essential to making this lovely libation. By brewing the culture along with the sweetened tea and allowing it to ferment over a few days, the probiotic drink known as kombucha is made!

Some brewers add fruit and juices to the mix to make an extra-special sweet kombucha. What results is a yummy beverage full of B vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants. The fermentation process also carbonates the kombucha, giving it that delicious fizzy feel.

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha has been around for over 2,000 years, harkening back to ancient China. It’s said that monks indulged in and spread kombucha drinks because it was believed to have medicinal properties—hence its oh-so-formal title as the “elixir of life.”

As it turns out, those monks knew what was up! Preliminary research suggests that kombucha contains loads of compounds that not only make the drink tasty, but healthy, too. While kombucha ingredients are few in number, they create a powerful combo inside your body.

First up are the probiotics. These beneficial bacteria are naturally occurring in many foods, including yogurt, sauerkraut and—yup, you guessed it—kombucha! Probiotics may have a range of health benefits, starting with promoting healthy digestion and soothing tummy troubles. Your gut is also home to a major concentration of your immune cells, meaning the happier and healthier it is, the happier and healthier YOU are!

Other potential probiotic benefits include reducing bodily inflammation, improving mental health and even helping you sleep better by aiding in your REM cycles. The long and short of it is that probiotics keep your gut health in check, which affects almost every other part of your body (who knew, right?).

Another big benefit of kombucha drinks is an immunity boost. Kombucha is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, which support your immune system and freakin’ DESTROY free radicals (totally unstable molecules that can cause mega damage and potentially lead to cancer). Bow down to the ‘booch and its help in fighting off those nasty buggers!

But there’s more! When the SCOBY metabolizes sugar during the fermentation process, it feeds the probiotics and creates acids. These are what give kombucha its distinct sour twang, along with a myriad of health benefits. One of these is called acetic acid, and it’s believed to be antimicrobial, potentially killing off microbes before they can make you sick.

Last but not least, kombucha contains B vitamins. These are good for lots of things, including energy, a healthy metabolism and even beauty boosts thanks to their cell growth benefits (think strong and healthy hair, skin and nails). With all of the B vitamin benefits, there is no more need for beer goggles!

About the Alcohol: Is Hard Kombucha Still Healthy?

All kombucha naturally contains a tiny bit of alcohol because it goes through that fermentation process. However, the naturally occurring alcohol content of kombucha is only around 0.5% … meaning it’s WAY lower than what you want for a buzzing boozy time.

However, kombucha can be booze-ified by fermenting it longer or by adding extra alcohol to it. VOILA—kombucha alcohol is born!

If you’re wondering whether the addition of alcohol instantly eliminates the health benefits of kombucha like some freaky magic trick, don’t sweat. Hard kombucha can still deliver the goods.

It’s believed that those happy, healthy bacteria found in kombucha are capable of surviving in alcoholic drinks when the alcohol percentage is lower. This means you can get tipsy and tip the scales toward good gut health!

The presence of alcohol doesn’t detract from all the great compounds hard kombucha drinks contain, either. You’ll still get a healthy dose of antioxidants, B vitamins and other goodies that promote good health with every sip.

Boozy Boocha Totally Trumps Other Bevvies

If all that isn’t enough to sway you, consider this: Alcoholic kombucha is a healthier alternative to most other mixers. With or without the booze, kombucha drinks usually contain way less sugar than you’d find in your average juice or soft drink.

Boozy Boocha is the premier choice for an alcohol-infused sparkling probiotic beverage. Hard kombucha might contain less sugar and calories than your average alchy bevvy. Other sweet drinks like daquiris or frozen margaritas are loaded with added sugar and artificial flavours. Kick those sugary cocktails to the curb and choose a pineapple kombucha that’s healthier, vegan, low-carb and just as delish!

Alcohol kombucha drinks might even help you make healthier lifestyle choices. By cutting back on those sugar-laden soft drinks and cocktails, you could reduce your risk for excess weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. And that’s not even considering all the extra goodies kombucha contains that most alcoholic drinks DO NOT.

Easy Answers to Your FAQs

Interested in kombucha but short on time? Check out the quick and dirty answers to your top kombucha questions.

Kombucha is a healthy probiotic drink filled with vitamins and antioxidants that give your body a boost! Most kombucha drinks are low-sugar, vegan, gluten-free and low-calorie, with only 92 calories per can, and have a bunch of benefits for your bod, including gut health and improved immunity.

Thanks to the ingredients in kombucha—a combo of tea, sugar and a bacterial starter—kombucha is rich with live probiotics. Drinking kombucha regularly may allow you to reap the seemingly endless health perks of these beneficial bacteria. Boo-yah!!

Hard kombucha is a low-calorie, vegan alcohol that contains probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants. Together, these awesome compounds can have health benefits. Plus, hard kombucha has a leg up over other alcoholic drinks that contain much more sugar, artificial flavours and none of the good stuff.

Boozy kombucha is a gluten-free drink, meaning there’s NO wheat or barley like you’d find in beer. Peeps with celiac disease or restricted diets rejoice! You can safely imbibe without irritation. Depending on the brand, beer might also contain more calories than Boozy Boocha, and it doesn’t have nearly as many vitamins.

Kombucha naturally contains ethanol, which is a product of the fermentation process. However, this only leads to a teensy-weensy amount of alcohol in your average bottle of ‘booch. You can ferment kombucha for much longer, naturally raising the alcohol concentration.In our case, we spice our Boozy Boocha up with vodka. This preserves the sweet taste of the tea while adding more of the fun stuff!

The average bottle of non-alcoholic kombucha only contains about 0.5% alcohol by volume thanks to the natural fermentation process. By fermenting kombucha for longer, the ABV can soar up between 4.5% and 7%! Each can of Boozy Boocha contains 4% ABV. We think this is the perfect amount of alchy to get you buzzed but not blasted. Having multiple drinks can amplify the fun (but please drink responsibly!).

Get Your Boozy ‘Booch On

Loaded with probiotics, vitamins and a ton of fizzy flavour, boozy kombucha drinks are THE way to have a good time and feel great after. As the first-to-market hard kombucha infused with vodka, Boozy Boocha is the premier option for healthy hedonists. No longer do you need to sacrifice a fun night out for a healthy lifestyle. Have your fun and stay fit and healthy by ditching those sugar-filled cocktails or beers in favor of a delicious drink you AND your body will love.

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