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7 September 2021

Best Alcoholic Drinks for Weight Loss

A fun night out with friends can quickly derail your hopes of losing weight. One drink might not sound like a big deal, but you rarely have just one drink, do you? (It’s okay—nobody does!) Even if you possess the superhuman willpower to drink only a single bevvy, chances are you’re sucking down loads of added sugars in that fruity cocktail or tons of calories in that beer.

Drinking in moderation is totally okay, but splurging on multiple drinks—and the wrong kinds of drinks—can set you back on your wellness goals. Alcohol loosens your inhibition, which can lead you to scarf down junk food after a few rounds. Plus, alcohol is burned as an energy source before anything else, which means all those delicious carbs from a late-night binge get stored in your fat reserves instead of being burned off by your metabolism right away.

Alcohol isn’t the best for your health, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit it entirely. Sugary mix-ins are usually the culprits behind excessive weight gain. If you ditch those, you’ll earn major headway toward that ideal number on the scale! Drink substitutes that are low in calories, carbs and sugars are your ticket to a night full of guilt-free drinking.

Ask the bartender to serve up one (or two!) of these low-calorie alcohol options.

Light Forms of Beer

Good news for beer drinkers—you get to keep your go-to bevvy! But there’s one caveat. People on the road to weight loss are better off swapping a good ole’ IPA for something a whole lot lighter. The average bottle of beer contains more calories than a shot of liquor—at more than 150 calories for every 12 ounces. After a couple of drinks, those calories really start to add up!

Next time you stroll down the booze aisle, look for beers that say “light” on the packaging. Light alternatives to regular beer contain fewer calories, and the most popular brands often provide a light version of their best brews. Plus, fewer calories per bottle means you can factor more drinks into your daily caloric intake!

Beer doesn’t always need the word “light” in its name to be considered a light beer, either. Low-calorie alcohol in the form of beer is often light in color, too. Options like pale lagers and witbiers are sure to contain way fewer calories than darker varieties.

red and white wine

Dry Red and White Wines

Of course, weight loss is about more than counting calories. If you want a boozy bevvy with real health benefits, introduce your palette to several different types of wine.

Certain blends of red and white wine are often considered skinny alcohol. That’s because one glass contributes just a little over 100 calories. The drier it is, the fewer calories per glass. (By the way, when we say one glass, we mean five ounces. Don’t go filling your wine glass to the brim! We see you, cheaters!)

Dry reds are a safe bet not just for losing weight but also for overall wellness. For the past several decades, wine enthusiasts have praised red blends for supposedly reducing the risk of heart disease. They also contain antioxidants that help fight oxidative stress and cellular damage. In order to reap these health benefits, limit yourself to one glass with dinner. Too much wine will counteract the good it has to offer!

Not a fan of reds? Try other forms of low-sugar alcohol like dry vermouth. It’s a white wine known for having a high concentration of polyphenols. Polyphenols are molecular compounds responsible for monitoring the metabolism and keeping your weight in check. This white blend is low on calories, but not on taste!

You could even treat yourself to a bottle of bubbly. Champagne only has about 85 calories per serving, which gives you an excuse to drink it on the reg. Plus, the carbonation tends to make people feel full and resist the temptation to refill their glass. If anyone asks what you’re celebrating, say it’s the new healthy version of you!

Liquor on the Rocks

You might be surprised to learn that alcohol itself isn’t what’s packing on the weight. It’s all the juice, soda and simple syrup that bartenders pour into a drink! Peeps on a diet are better off taking their liquor straight. And not just any liquor—the best alcohol for weight loss contains 100 calories or less. The best low-calorie spirits include vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila and brandy.

Of course, not everyone likes drinking their liquor on the rocks. Try diluting your liquor of choice with a bit of water to lessen the burn and help your drink last longer. Water also brings out the complex bouquet of aromas in whiskey and scotch so you can appreciate their delicate flavours.

Low-Calorie Mixed Drinks

If you want to mix something with that low-calorie liquor, club soda is your new best friend! The fizzy bevvy has zero sugar and can serve as the base for any mixed drink. Add it to a shot of vodka, then top with a spritz of lemon, lime or grapefruit juice. You’ll get all of the flavor with none of the sugar!

Feelin’ fancy? Break out the stemware and fix yourself a dry martini. This mixed drink is super easy to make and features the healthiest ingredients. With some gin, dry vermouth and a lemon twist, you’ve got a form of low-calorie alcohol that will make you ditch the sugary cocktails and never look back.

However, there are still plenty of options for people with a sweet tooth. If you’re looking to lose weight, you can achieve low-sugar alcohol by substituting soda and simple syrups with 100-percent natural fruit juice. For example, you can easily adapt the classic Paloma by trading grapefruit-flavored soda for actual grapefruit juice that’s freshly squeezed. Throw in some tequila and a splash of lime, and this drink becomes an instant crowd pleaser!

Dieting is hard, and sometimes all you want is the familiar taste of rum and Coke. If you’re not the adventurous type, stick to your usual order and make it diet, instead. The diet version Coke will help cut out some extra sugar—and some of the guilt, too.

Let’s not forget about dessert! People who can’t live without an after-dinner treat should try mixing a shot of Irish cream with decaf coffee. With Irish cream averaging nearly 150 calories per shot, this mixed drink is definitely one to enjoy in moderation. Thankfully, one cup of coffee is all that’s needed to fill you up.

Hard Kombucha

When you’re itchin’ for a fruity, delicious drink but don’t want to bother with mixing and carefully considering your sugar sources, a can of hard kombucha is your ticket to tipsy town. Hard kombucha combines the health benefits of kombucha—which is loaded with vitamins and organic acids—with great-tasting alchohol.

Boozy Boocha’s hard kombucha is low-sugar and only contains 92 calories per can, making it a fantastic alchy bevvy for peeps on a diet. Even better, kombucha contains probiotics—healthy bacteria that right the wrongs in your gut and can contribute to weight loss all on their own!

FAQs for Drinking on a Diet

Look no further than our FAQs to get answers to all your biggest diet-drinking questions.

Champagne only has 85 calories in a four-ounce serving. To make the drink last longer, top off the flute with seltzer water for even more bubbly goodness. Cheers to that!

Wine takes the cake on this one! Red blends boost cardiovascular health and fortify the body with tons of antioxidants. Dry vermouth is another great option, as it controls your weight and metabolism. Drink the white wine straight, or mix it with gin for a classic martini that’s super low on calories!

Go for drinks that include vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila or brandy. Each contain only 100 calories per shot. Sticking to one type of spirit throughout the night will make it easier to keep track of your caloric intake.

Absolutely! Commit to having only one or two drinks, especially if you’re drinking a type of alcohol that’s high in calories like beer. When ordering a cocktail, choose mix-ins that are low in sugar, carbs and calories like seltzer and natural fruit juices.

Alcohol isn’t the greatest for losing weight. It’s full of “empty calories” that can offset your carefully planned diet. Alcohol also becomes the body’s main energy source, causing glucose and lipids to get stored away for later use. However, if you drink in moderation, you can still achieve your weight loss goals AND have a good time!

Drink Guilt-Free with Boozy Boocha

When you’re on a diet, the usual vodka soda can get boring fast. Trade your go-to drink for a healthy can of Boozy Boocha! Our hard kombucha is infused with vodka and natural fruit flavors like pineapple and berries for a delish but low-calorie drink. Boozy Boocha ditches sugary mix-ins, instead using low-calorie kombucha to excite your taste buds. Order a pack and discover how our boozy ‘booch totally changes the game!

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